Pasta King Dumaguete

By joselle - July 28, 2012

Today was a rainy day in Dumaguete. I was set to meet a friend for the first time for a short snack at Sans Rival  but with the rain pouring and the cold, I thought the weather was better suited for a warm, carb-laden pasta dish over at Pasta King. Pasta King is quite new, it sits a block across from Tops and Bottoms and is just a few steps away from the Rizal Boulevard. 

I am far from a connoisseur of Italian food, so I really have no idea what good Italian food tastes like. However, I do know when I like or dislike what I'm eating, and usually, it's when food is overcooked or undercooked, when it's swimming in a watery sauce, when the meat is too tough, or when the color is bland and the presentation is boring. This appealing lack of sophistication when it comes to food  has not stopped me from repeatedly eating restaurant grub that really appeal to me, whether they are authentic-anything or not. And this applies to my love for Pasta King's penne carbonara with prosciutto. After reading some reviews of others who have eaten there, most of them think that the food is really nothing to rave about, and others think that the food is surprisingly very un-Italian for a restaurant that specializes in pasta. All these reviews are good to know, since it does leave you curious about what real authentic Italian cooking tastes like. But I still like my penne over at Pasta King's. In fact, I've been there four times, and I have ordered nothing but the penne. I love the fat, juicy pasta, the salty and creamy sauce, and the thick, juicy, fatty slices of prosciutto. The serving is also very generous for P175, so you can go out full and happy just by spending a little over P200 for pasta and a drink.
Penne carbonara with Prosciutto
warm tea for a rainy afternoon

 My fourth visit was especially fun, since I was meeting Thirde, a friend from Manila who I met through this blog, and the owner was kind enough to serve us macaroons for dessert, on the house. That capped our afternoon, especially since once we got out, the sun was shining and a cool breeze was blowing, perfect for a late afternoon stroll.

Free macaroons!

I still get cravings for the pasta every once in a while, especially when it rains. In fact, just this week I had to take out an order for penne carbonara so I could have an early dinner before school. As I was riding the pedicab, the driver  kept looking at my container, and finally asked what was inside. I told him it was carbonara, and he said that it smelled really good. Poor guy, I wished then and there that I had bought two orders so I could give the other one to him. I still have to try Pasta King's other dishes. Thirde had the seafood pasta and according to him it wasn't bad, so I might try that during my next visit.

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