Captain Ribbers Dumaguete

By joselle - May 28, 2012

Pie and I scheduled  another eating session at Capt. Ribbers after the  first eating binge that resulted to a lot of happy noises and  full tummies. Ribbers is one of the restaurants along Silliman Avenue, right next to El Amigo and Moon Cafe, and I love it because the food makes me smile. Really smile, as I close my eyes, lean back and bask in the afterglow of a really good meal. Large servings, buttery soft mashed potatoes, and  Southern style fried chicken that is tasty to the bone. I can't  help making happy noises when I eat there, that's how satisfied the food makes me. 

Ribbers has a rather  large selection of food to choose from. The Chili cheese fries are really good, they use this special sauce that gives an extra zing to them (if there's something worth hating, it is bland and depressed-looking fries) and even though it gets pretty hot after a few sticks, surprisingly it wont stop you from eating more (it didn't stop me, at the least). Hands down the best fries in town (especially since KFC discontinued  their bacon cheese fries, which I also loved). Ribbers is known for its  ribs (of course) but I also like the chicken, especially the Southern fried chicken served with a healthy helping of mashed potatoes. Crispy chicken skin will open up to reveal piping hot chicken meat soaked through with  whatever it is that makes Southern fried chicken so tasty. They also have great iced tea, nothing like the watery versions that you unfortunately get from other places in town. And for a mere P65 (methinks)  you can have unlimited helpings of the iced tea.  

I took a few photos, which are really just photos of the food. I forgot to take photos of  us happily eating the  food. I should remember to take people photos  when I'm a restaurant  *sheepish grin* 

Southern Style fried chicken with mashed potatoes

One of the Little Boy sliders, eaten halfway (Pie's)

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