Lake Balanan, Siaton

By joselle - May 10, 2012

Lake Balanan is one of the places locals here in Negros go to when summer comes around. Personally, I have never liked the lake  that much. That is probably not a good way to start off this post, but the lake always gave me this weird vibe. Maybe because I like it when I'm in a place where blues predominate over lush greens, but that's just me. A lot of people like going to this place, especially since they have pools which, I have to admit, are really not that bad. 

The lake is located about an  hour and 30 minutes from the city. You have to drive over dirt roads once you get off the highway, but the going is pretty good, even after the earthquake at the start of the year. The road is small, however, so vehicles meeting each other would have to do a little bit of maneuvering so that they can both pass. 

When we arrived I could see some changes especially when it came to the floating bamboo rafts that are moored on the side of the lake. I first came to the lake about six years ago (methinks) and back then the rafts were new. Now, they look dilapidated, so I don't think the staff will allow anyone to use them. The lake is known for the schools of fish that come in droves when you throw food in the water, and they're still there. 

Few additions since my last visit include the rooms which are located a short walk over the lake, and  the swimming pools. The rooms are well-kept and have a great view of the valley. They are tucked away from the lake to give guests some privacy, and they are all air-conditioned. The rooms look nice, and it got me thinking that if they had Wi-fi this would definitely be a great place to hang out and write.

If you want to see the inside you can ask the caretaker to open one up for you. The people are accommodating, so having someone do this for you won't be too much of a hassle I think.


To my surprise, I had fun swimming in the pool. It was clean, and you can choose from three pools, the first one being the deepest. I had a jolly old time doing canonballs  since there was hardly anyone around except my family.  The pool was also deep enough so I didn't have to worry about hitting the bottom and getting a nasty  concussion. 

I saw this group of kids at the entrance to the pool. They live in the area, and one of the boys' moms has stationed herself at the entrance where she sold honey and clams. She gave me a pretty informative talk about how she harvests the honey, and how you can practically preserve anything using it.  For P40 a bottle, it is a steal. She also told me that people from the city often buy up to 100 bottles all at once so they can resell them in the city market. 

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  1. jam generoso-jaluagMay 11, 2012 at 12:23 AM

    love how you pay attention to small really are a keen can see beauty in ordinary the photographs..keep it up selle!:D

    1. So kind jam!thank you and thanks for dropping by!:)

  2. lovely photos, joselle. shot with an olympus?

  3. yessir! an oly e-510 using a 50mm OM Zuiko, my favorite lens so far :)

  4. can i use your photos and link it to your blog? ;-(

  5. sure Phioxee :) thanks for visiting!


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