Malatapay Lechon Lunch

By joselle - April 18, 2012

Malatapay  is known for the farmer's market that opens up during Wednesdays. The strip of concrete road that leads to the beach, where outriggers await the next batch of day trippers to Apo Island, becomes filled with  farmers and sellers selling anything from root crops to live goats and pigs. It is not surprising to see foreigners rubbing shoulders with locals who came all the way from the mountains-- the foreigners bringing baskets to be filled with fresh vegetables and meat,  and the locals setting up shop for the day. The great thing about the Malatapay Farmer's market is that it only opens once a week, which creates a certain kind of novelty  and allure to the  simple experience of shopping and eating there.

Yes, you can eat in Malatapay. The Malatapay lechon is perhaps one of the many reasons why a lot of people from Dumaguete brave the noonday heat and the 30 minute drive just to get there. Crisp and juicy, the lechon here is perhaps one of the best in the province, despite the fact that it is one of the most cholesterol-laden dishes you can find in the Philippines.

Only about 3 lechons are served  on Wednesdays, so if you arrive any later than 12 noon, you are bound to find empty lechon tables.  For half a kilo I think you would need less than PHP 200, which is not bad considering that you are assured really tasty lechon. Aside from the roast pig, fresh seafood and seaweed salad which you can pair with cold softdrinks or beer are also in good supply. I just remembered that today was Wednesday, which means that the Malatapay market was probably in full swing today. Too bad I missed it! Anyway, there's always next week. Hopefully, I'll be able to taste crisp and cholesterol-loaded lechon again by then.

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  1. did you use your Oly for these? it seems that the warm tones are gone. these have more neutral highlights. love all the foood...

  2. yes kat I used the oly with the 50 mm. I think I get better results with the prime than with my kit lens haha


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