First Taste of Summer at Bravo Golf Course and Resort

By joselle - April 21, 2012

It was just a  short Sunday trip with the family, but it was also the first time for me to visit the Bravo Golf Course and Hotel afer four years. The place definitely has changed  since the last time I came-- there was a new building out front, bigger pools, and there were other buildings in the process of being built. Bravo is a golf course with a hotel and swimming pools and perhaps one of  the best places to while away the summer heat in Dumaguete. It  sits on a hill just 15 minutes from Dumaguete, and you can reach the hotel by car and even by motorcycle. The place is unlike other resorts in the city--it is somewhat secluded and the view up to the resort is simple beautiful, since you get to see the mountains in the distance and the well-kept golf course which leads to the hotel itself. 

Perhaps the prettiest place in the resort for me is the lobby. From there you get a view of the Tanon Straight in the distance, with the pools to your left and the restaurant behind you. You can also enjoy the occasional breeze that floats in through the golf course and up to the resort. I especially love the ceiling fans. I promised myself I would have one of those in my house someday. There's something about these fans that just scream 'SUMMER' to me. 

The pools are bigger now and one thing I really love about them is that they are warm and bubbly,  like jacuzzi water, which is great especially if you  came in with tired and sore muscles. 
And the food! I was thinking about the pizza hours after I ate. There was something about the prosciutto that really appealed to my taste buds that day.  For a little bit over P300, the pizza is enough for four people. I loved the prosciutto which had a slight smokey tang to it.  I was also able to try their pasta on my very first  trip there, and I loved the distinctly Italian flavor in their sauces which is really different from what most restaurants in the city serve. 
Will definitely go back one of these days to try the pool again. It has been so long!

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