Tasting Aling Lucing's Sisig for the First Time

By joselle - March 09, 2012

When new-found travel buddies suggested that we head off to Aling Lucing's for dinner, I didn't know that I would finally get to taste the famous Pampanga sisig that even Anthony Bourdain crossed oceans and mountains  just to taste in Kitchen Confidential. Aling Lucing's is considered the best sisig  in Angeles, and  perhaps the entire Philippines. 

Aling Lucing's from the street. At dusk, not a lot of people, but this quickly changes when the clock hits 7.   Families in  SUVs  would start arriving and the place is packed in no time. 

According to Rene, who lives just an hour away from  Angeles City, Aling Lucing's serves the original sisig in the Philippines, although you would not know it just by looking at the place. When we arrived at around 6 pm, the place looked like any other carinderia in Dumaguete. There were dishes  displayed in front, and someone was preparing the grill right on the street. We did find photos of Anthony Bourdain on the wall, and he was grinning from ear to ear, so the sisig must be that good. 

We ordered the sisig, of course, and another dish called buro, which is fermented rice paste mixed with shrimps. You eat the rice with eggplant, okra, or lettuce. I had no idea  how buro would taste but I was in a  'try anything' mood (I was in  freakin' Pampanga, for Pete's sake!) and  if I could try it, then I would.  So we ordered that, and the guys ordered the usual BBQ chicken innards, which tastes really good, especially when paired with ice cold Coke.  

Aling Lucing's celeb patrons  taking time for photos. Anthony Bourdain! 

You choose what you want for dinner here. That's buro right there, right next to the shiny red tomatoes. 
The famous Aling Lucing's sisig! They  weren't kidding, it tasted really good. It was overflowing with onions, and the meat was soft and crunchy at the same time. They told me  that that they mix chicken liver in with the pork meat, so that gives the sisig  that distinct, nutty flavor. 

The buro and  eggplant and okra plate. We did eat all this stuff up (if I  remember correctly).

I don't know if you eat  buro as an apetizer, but  it certanly served the purpose for me. the rice was sour and sticky, and it had a sour smell   mixed in with the familiar burnt smell of cooked rice.  It felt weird when I tasted it for the first time, since it  looked like something that someone just threw up. But surprisingly, buro grows on you.  The taste gets better especially if you pair it with the  greens. 

Proof that I had a really great meal. For  my first night in Angeles City,  not bad! :)

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  1. Ooooohhhh!!! I have yet to try this! We went on a Pampanga food trip recently. Sadly, we didn't pass by Aling Lucing's. There's not much room in our stomachs after visiting 5 eating places!

    By the way, Joselle, I'm from Pampanga, so I understand how you felt when you first tasted buro. It is an acquired taste. Judging by the look of the buro you had, medyo palatable pa yan. Yung hardcore Capampangan buro, which is usually pinkish in color, has that strong rotten smell and very, very acidic flavor. Naturally, I find it yummy. :-)

  2. Hi Peter! I didn't know that you're from Pampanga! Yes, the sisig was super-delicious. I agree, the buro is really an acquired taste, although I didn't know that there's still another kind of buro that has a much stronger flavor than the one we tasted. I loved my visit to Pampanga, by the way. Angeles felt very much like Dumaguete so I felt so at home there. Wish I could back soon, I would love to try the lechon. They say its really good too!!! :)


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