Sprucing Up the Lowly Pan De Sal

By joselle - February 02, 2012

I come  from a family of consumate bread eaters. We love our pan de sal and 'sinudlay.' I have also discovered that I have this increasing love affair with wheat bread. So it is no surprise that most often than not you will find pan de sal left overs in our house, one or two fist-sized mounds of  baked flour from yesterday or the day before. Since eating pan de sal on its own  sans spread or guava jelly and peanut butter can be boring, I looked for other ways to eat it. Luckily we had lettuce, tomatoes,  cheese, and two cucumbers on the fridge, so I set about 'dressing up' the pan de sal so I could at least have some fun eating.

It's quite easy and simple, actually. You will need:

left over pan de sal
tuna spread, leftover chicken, any kind of cooked meat you have lying around
cheddar or mozarella cheese

Slice the pan de sal in half and grill on the microwave for 5 minutes. They will come out with crispy crusts on top. Next, cover the top with your lettuce leaves. The leaves will prevent the moisture from the spread  and the meat from soaking down and turning your bread into a soggy lump.  Add the tuna spread on top, or you can choose your own variation of a spread. When we have leftover chicken I shred the chicken, mix it with mayo and use that as a substitute. Add the slices of cucumber and tomato, before adding slices of mozarella on top. Pop the 'dressed up' pan de sal for one final round in the oven for  one or two minutes, just to melt the cheese. Voila! Pretty sophisticated-looking pan de sal ,ey?

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