Weddings, anyone?

By joselle - January 25, 2012

I don't know if this happens to every 28 year-old out there, but suddenly it seems like people I know can't wait for me to get married. Friends ask me why, why not get married now? My mom has been asking the question, and just recently, a well-meaning aunt sent me a rather lengthy Facebook private message on why I should get married (according to her, I'm at the right age, and I have a pretty great boyfriend-- all you need for a walk down the aisle, apparently). I don't get irritated by these questions, especially the good-natured ones, but there are times when you get tired of having to explain yourself why you and your boyfriend choose not to get married yet.

Why not? I just realized that I haven't asked myself this question. A lot of my friends are married. Most of them already have families of their own. But not once did these influence me into getting married myself. It's all about timing, I guess, and knowing in your gut that you are not in that place in your life to settle down. 

I have other reasons. For one, I want to prepare for my wedding. See, I do want to get married. I think about wedding venues and vintage wedding dresses and flowers and choosing the design for my wedding invitations. A lot. I get headaches just fantasizing about catering and caterers and stringing up lights enclosed in delicate paper lanterns on trees and hedges and bushes around the reception area. Bridal fairs give me butterflies in my stomach. I think about how many days it will take me to prep up the venue, and how much the food and music will cost. I think about the prenup, who will take the pictures on the wedding day, and if I should solicit the services of expert photographer friends to do a little bit of pro bono work for me (*wink wink*) I think about the shipping costs of having a vintage wedding dress shipped all the way from where I'll be buying it from.

There are a lot of reasons aside from these. Weddings, and more importantly, a marriage, is not something you enter into just because you are at the right age or because you have finished college. It's not that simple. There's still a lot of stuff I want to do, and I want to be single doing them. I want to have a house before I get married, get a stable job, build the foundations of a career, and of course, prepare my wedding, before I make the jump. I'm sure my boyfriend has his reasons too, but I'm sure he will agree with pretty much what I'm saying.

So see, I do think about getting married. It just doesn't mean I'm going to do it tomorrow.

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