Sandwiches. Why I Love Them.

By joselle - January 26, 2012

I love sandwiches. I am a pretty lazy eater, especially when I have other things to do. Since it's midterm week I try to  spend as little time on food preparation as I can, and this is where delicious sandwiches come in. My mom bought this loaf of whole wheat bread from the local mall which I like since since you get so full after two or three slices, and the wheat and all that fiber just makes you think that you're doing something good for your body.

I like to put anything in my sandwiches but lately it's been tuna, instead  of the usual ham or salami ( although salami is pretty good too!). This is also the first time that I got to try this mozarella which according to my brother, is probably  made by local farmers from Bacong from goat cheese (cool, eh?) At P50 per pack I you can make a dozen sandwiches with the cheese, methinks. Lettuce, slices of cucumbers, tomatoes, topped with cheese make up this snack. Paired with a cup of hot coffee, perfect lunch! Works for dinner, too! :D

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  1. Hi! where do you get the local cheese?

  2. the cheese is from robinson's... my brother said the mall could be getting its supply from the farmers in Bacong. Have not confirmed that for myself, but I will ask the first salesperson I see when I visit the Robinson's grocery store this week :)


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