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By joselle - January 11, 2012

JP took me to Malasag on my last day in CDO. About 30 minutes from the center of the city, the park looked like a little village in Baguio to me, with its lodges and trees and the overloooking view. It was cool there, and I almost missed Valencia. On the way up, JP pointed out the stations of the cross marked by white crosses that stand right along the road. 

The ride to the park is really cool, as if you can touch the droplets of moisture in the air. It was so cool that when JP and I arrived, our lenses were all fogged up, and I almost freaked out, since my lens from the outside was already opaque with the thick layer of moisture. However, after a few vigorous wipes our lenses were back to normal. 

entrance to the park

There's a restaurant that overloooks the city and the coast. From there you could see the brown part of the ocean, remnants of Sendong. 

The coast, still brown from the storm. 

one of the many little footpaths that lead to flowers and more flowers

 The park is perfect if you are tired of the all the dust in the city and you want fresh air for a change. The good thing is its just a few miles from the highway so the ride to the park if you are in the city is not really a big thing. If I was living in CDO I'd be here every weekend, my notebook and Tattoo in tow. I bet I can do a lot of writing or studying here. It's so quiet except for the sound of the birds and crickets, and you have the restaurant if you ever get hungry. People who like to emote alone [and I do know of a few ;)] will surely love this place.

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  1. How much entrance fee? :)

    1. P30 for adults. More information here:)


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