Jollibee Deliveries

By joselle - January 22, 2012

Heavy reading is not possible if you have an empty stomach, so I try to have food handy when the need to study arises. With midterms just around the corner, I found myself looking for delivery services so that I won't have to spend an hour dressing up and heading downtown to buy food myself. There are a lot of food places in Duma that now make deliveries ( Hayahay,  Neva's, Alberto's). Jollibee also makes deliveries, and I think they were the first to do so in the city when they first opened.

The minimum is P200, so I make sure to order, aside from my usual cheeseburger, large fries, and pineapple juice, other edibles such as their pies or another serving of fries. It's such a shame that they discontinued their cheesy fries (I had the worst cravings for those fries back when  JB was still serving them, cravings that would last for a week!). They have flavored fries now, but it's not the same.)  They usually take 45 minutes to get the order ready for delivery ( a little bit long IMO) but the good thing is that Jollibee is located along the national highway, which means they can deliver to my house in about 7 minutes.

cheeseburger and fries

peach and mango pie

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