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By joselle - January 20, 2012

I find it really convenient that two pizza chains are just a ride away from my house. Alberto's and Biano's put up shop along the National Highway near Claytown, and they've been doing brisk business ever since. Dumaguete  is a great place for pizza, especially cheap pizza ( just ask Neva's). Alberto's and Biano's serve pizzas that are eerily similar in taste, although I've been calling Alberto's more often lately because they deliver at ALL HOURS of the day (I even had a pizza delivered at 1 in the morning) and they don't charge anything for the delivery.

Alberto's serves two kinds of pizza, one with Quickmelt and other with mozzarella. I prefer the latter, since it's not as salty as quickmelt and you get that rubbery texture  that always makes pulling out another slice so pleasurable.  Hawaiian with mozzarella and Hungarian taste really good. My most recent delivery was ham and egg, which turned out to be not as tasty as the other's I've tried. The egg was runny, which gave the pizza top a really wet, soggy look. It tasted ok, but this time the crust tasted sweeter than I had previously remembered. Lesson learned, I think I'll stick to the Hawaiian and Hungarian next time.

The great thing is that they also deliver ice cream (Sorbetes, P100 per half-gallon) and yogurt shakes. I 'm  the only one in my family who loves Sorbetes ice cream so I could be the only person here who's happy that they are delivering ice cream for free. You can't beat having ice cream, pizza, and yogurt shakes delivered to your door. It saves me a lot of money on pedicab fare alone, and I don't have to get dressed just so I can go out and  get my pizza. With their 11" pizzas costing just a little over P100, it's so hard to go wrong with Alberto's.

Call 422-6392 for deliveries. :)

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