Rizal Boulevard, Dumaguete

By joselle - November 10, 2011

Some people complain about their  hometowns, the traffic, the horrible drivers, the dust and pollution, the noise.  I have a number of things that I don't really care for about Dumaguete, but there are some things about this city that just take my breath away. For example, the way the sea becomes a large vibrant swathe of blue under the harsh sun when its an hour or two past midday,  how a gentle layer of cool air descends upon the Boulevard right before the sun starts to set, and how the sky  turns into various shades of red, orange and purple when it finally does. I love how to lights from the motorcycles, the restaurants, the pedicabs, and the streetlamps that line the shore all come together to turn Rizal Boulevard into a sparkling strip filled with music, conversations, and the relaxed pitter-patter of feet. Last week I found myself hailing a pedicab that would take me to the boulevard after I found out that I didn't have a class for the day. I missed the boulevard, its sounds and its smells.  My timing was perfect, since I came across a beautiful rainbow stretched out over the shore. The sun was just about to set, and as it was setting it covered everything in a soft, warm, pink-orangy glow. It is afternoons like these that I will always look for and I know I'll find nowhere but in Dumaguete.

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