Boracay Eatin'

By joselle - November 06, 2011

I never thought that I would visit Boracay twice this year. Thanks to PISO fares which JP and a cousin got, I managed to do so. It still hurt my relatively shallow pockets, since going to Boracay, even if you didn't count a hefty plane fare, meant spending money on food, and boy, can you spend on food on this island. What I love most about Boracay is not the powdery white sands or the blue water... it's the fact that all the restaurants are lined up next to each other, and you only have to take a few steps if you want to feast on Italian pizza and another two or three steps if you are craving for fresh seafood. Evenings are the best since all restaurants bring out the tables and chairs and start displaying fresh seafood and the aroma of grilled pork, squid, or chicken star mingling with the sea breeze.

Boracay at night



We had breakfast here... nothing remarkable really, your typical eggs and tocino. They're located on Station 2 and just a few steps away from the beach. They say they have the best batchoy in Boracay, but I wasn't able to try it :(

I forgot the name of this place, but it's located right beside the tattoo parlor in Station 2. I know there are a lot of tattoo parlors in Station 2, but this one is near Nigi Nigi, if I remember correctly.

Crazy Crepes
Love. Perfect if you are tired and simply want to sit on one of the wooden beaches at D'Mall and have something cold. A lot of Koreans love the crepes.

I don't know why, but everytime we visit Boracay we end up eating here at least once. And we have Shakey's in Dumaguete. Go figure.

Don Vito Gelato, hazelnut

There's a small stall along Station 2 and they have the most mouthwatering flavors. The chocolate mint is a personal favorite.

The Hobbit House (JP)
This must be the most interesting place I've been to in Boracay. The Hobbit House
has this laid-back feel to it, and the people are really friendly. We came here on our last night in May and tried the drinks.

Cafe Del Sol

Just one of the many lunch buffets...I cant remember where we ate this... again.

D' Talipapa

All the tables were packed when we went for our last dinner on the island so we made a reservation and then bought the seafood from the market. Shopping for seafood is fun. Oysters cost p50 a kilo! I found out after that my personal capacity for oysters is 2 kilos, give or take a few shells :P We gave our purchases to the eatery right next to the market, and they did the cooking. For this dinner we gorged on fresh fish, 2 kilos of oysters, and calamari. It was a good thing it wasn't a buffet since the four of us couldn't finish everything.

There are definitely a lot of places to eat in Boracay, and the list I've compiled is just the tip of the edible iceberg. Andok's and Mang Inasal are really popular, and for quick and cheap eats these two are my favorites. Mang Inasal has P25 sorbetes cups with 7 scoops of ice cream in two flavors (woot!) a real treat especially since the other ice cream places at D'Mall are really expensive.

Eating can really leave a working girl broke, so it is best to pack enough moolah if you are planning on trying as many as the places in Boracay as you can. Other places I would love to try include Cyma and Fridays, but I'll save those for the next trip, hopefully not anytime soon ;)

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