Boracay in October

By joselle - October 18, 2011

I'm holed up our room in a dingy inn in Station 2, Boracay as I'm writing this post. The sun is scorching hot outside, so I'm here enjoying the steady hum of the AC, quite ironic when you think that you go to Boracay to enjoy the sun. Oh well.

I came to Boracay in the first week of May, but never got a chance to blog about that trip. The sheer volume of photos made the task quite daunting since I didn't know what photos to include. This time, I'm taking fewer photos although I'm liking how some of them are turning out, considering that I only brought my 50 mm OM Zuiko with me and its practically useless when it comes to action shots. Speaking of photos, here's a nice one taken by my sister using her Samsung Corby 2.

Boracay Sunset

This is our last day, with yesterday spent riding ATVs and touring the other side of the island. We also got to see the entire island from a hilltop observation deck that had a restaurant in the floor below. From there you can see White Beach, the golf courses that surround Shangri-La, and back beach, where there are very few tourists.

The view of the sunset from the observation deck

Our sightseeing was perfectly timed since we caught the sunset while still on the observation deck. We got to see the sun slowly descend as it turned the sky into various shades of orange and red. It was a perfect end to an otherwise tiring day.

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  1. pa Boracay na diay ka ha? nadayon inyo Thailand?

    1. wala jud nadaun orvs :( haha! sorry for the super duper late reply on this post! haha!

  2. I have lived on Boracay apartments for 15 years and loved the place so much i built cohiba. These are the Biggest and Best value for money apartments on the island period ! Every apartment has stunning sea views and 30m2 to 40m2 balconies with which to enjoy it. We are overlooking the windsurfing / kitesurfing bay where the season goes from November to april. Its either a great sport to participate, or great to just sit on your huge terrace and watch.
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  3. Cohibas Village is gorgeous! I'm recommending you to my cousins who are visiting the island for the summer :)


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