Camiguin Vjandep Pastel

By joselle - August 07, 2011

Although I have never been to Camiguin, I love the Vjandep Pastel that comes from the island. JP brings a box of the yummy treats every time he comes to visit, and we never fail to finish the entire contents of the box in one or two days. The pastels are something you don't find in Dumaguete, and they are only sold in some of the malls in Manila, and often at twice the price of pastels if you buy them from Vjandep branches in Camiguin or Cagayan de Oro. The pastels come in several varieties of filling such as durian, nangka, ube, and monggo, but the most popular is the original custard flavor.

What makes the pastels so delicious is the creamy custard filling inside the soft bun. The custard filling is soft and very much like the homemade yema I like to make when I get my craving for something sweet. At room temperature the custard is soft and sweet, which makes it the perfect compliment to a sugarless cup of hot coffee. You can also pop them inside the microwave for a minute or two so that they come out piping hot.

I'm really wishing that the local Robinson's will start to stock up on these pastels real soon. I
have tried looking for the pale yellow boxes everytime I visit the mall but no luck. It will probably take a visit to Cagayan de Oro or Camiguin before I can buy these pastels myself.

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