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By joselle - July 07, 2011

One Sunday afternoon the fam decided to go for a long drive to Siaton by way of Tambobo Bay. It was pretty uneventful, since it was hot. We ended up craving for something cold, and Bambulo was one of the most agreeable choices. We made our way back to Valencia where we had an early dinner after browsing through Bambulo's delectable menu.

Bambulo has a daily special. The day's main course consisted of pork lollipops and Chicken a la king.

lemon chicken

I forgot who ordered the lemon chicken but it was delicious. The meat was soft, sweet and tangy at the same time.

basket of chicken nuggets

So far the breaded chicken basket is my favorite. It comes with a side dish of papaya salad, which adds an extra zing to the flavor of the chicken. I love anything that's breaded, though, so my love for this dish may just be a tad biased. But still, this is a delicious dish.

fried kangkong

The fried kangkong was a pleasantly delicious surprise. Coated in an egg and flour batter, the kangkong was soft and tasty. Remember the ad about Coke tasting like chicken? EXACTLY. But this was kangkong! How great is that?!

iced tea

I don't know why I took pictures of iced tea. They were served first, so we immediately got over our thirst.

uber delicious leche flan

Bambulo serves really great food and I cannot wait to go back and try the other ones. The staff is also really friendly, and they immediately recognize you even if you don't come often. There's a mini-golf park in the works, hopefully it will fully functional by Christmas!

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  1. Thanx for labelling this as Bambulo. It was so hard to find information about this resort

  2. i know! I had a little bit of trouble finding more information about bambulo online after my first visit too. glad to know this helped a little :)


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