Sta. Teresa's Pork Binagoongan

By joselle - June 12, 2011

I love Sta. Teresa's pork binagoongan. Sta. Teresa is a local food place in Dumaguete that serves Filipino dishes, from traditional lechon kawali to vegetables in coconut sauce. Although they serve food at 'carinderia' prices, Sta. Teresa looks very much like a regular restaurant in Dumaguete, with a warm, homey decor, interesting wall hangings, and clean and cozy restrooms.

Pork binagoongan goes for a very reasonable PHP 55 per serving. Paired with a cup of rice and cold bottle of Coke, you are good to go. I also like Sta. Teresa's desserts. They have killer leche flan, but for this trip, I chose an equally sweet but healthier casava pudding in a banana leaf wrapping. YUM!

There are two branches in Dumaguete, one along Tugas and the other across Unitop, right smack in the middle of downtown. The two branches are local favorites, especially for lunch. The resto serves hot, hearty food that can pass as authentic home cooking. However, you don't have to wait since the food is laid out in chaffing dishes which keeps the food warm. This 'turo'turo' style of eating suits most Dumaguetenos well since we want to eat good food, but we don't want to wait too long for it to be served. Sta. Teresa has a self-service policy, by the way, so you can be sure that you can sit down to eat a few minutes after choosing your meal.

map of Sta. Teresa

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