Discovering Azalea

By joselle - June 20, 2011

The road to Balinsasayaw used to be quite uneventful, if you don't count the gorgeous view of the Tanon Strait and the neighboring island of Cebu, not to mention the blue skies and the unobstructed 360 degree view of the plains and the mountains looming in front of you. Now, visitors have one place before Balinsasayaw that is worth a stop. Azalea opened its doors a few years ago and has been serving curious mountain trekkers ever since. The restaurant is located less than 5 km from the highway and offers a spectacular view of the mountains, the gorge below, and views of the neighboring islands.

There's a sign by the road that tells you where to stop, and a clearing across the street from the restaurant serves as the parking lot. You go down a few steps lined with potted and hanging plants to the restaurant. Glass walls offer a full view of the surroundings. The verandah stretches the length of one side of the restaurant, and from here you can savor of the view-- bright blue skies, the green of the mountains, and everything in between. The sound of the flowing river from below reaches up to the restaurant and gives the much needed white noise for city dwellers who are not used to complete quiet.

Welcome to Azalea

entrance to the restaurant

Azalea offers a variety of dishes, from sandwiches to pasta and salads. One thing I like about the restaurant is that the tables and chairs are spacious, and you can easily move the tables around to make room for large groups. During our visit we ordered light snacks. My parents, die-hard halo-halo fans, choose their halo-halo while I tried the house burger called Foccaburger, which they make using their own bread.

the tasty Foccaburger

It's easy to spot Azalea once you get off the highway and make your way up.


Azalea serves up a host of delicious dishes for breakfast and lunch. A bar is also in the process of construction and located one floor down, but still with access to the same great view.

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