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By joselle - June 17, 2011

Contrary to my previous post about Moon Cafe ( way back in the later part of 2009), this post will take on a more favorable view. I have come to love Moon Cafe, particularly the chimichanga. Chalk it up morphed taste buds or whatever, but the grainy beef fillings, the sour cream, and the greens have now become a personal favorite. I visit the Mexican-inspired restaurant over at Robinson's Dumaguete whenever I can, but usually when with good company.

chimichanga...or what's left of it

Another favorite is the calorie-ladden chicken skin. They serve it crispy and hot, with a saucer of soy sauce with calamansi, chopped onions, and other spices. I've made it a habit to order chimichanga and chicken skin together, along with a cold can of Cali or, if Cali won't cut it, a colder bottle of San Mig Light. Thinking about all the fat these dishes contain makes me think that I'm probably laying down the foundations for an early death caused by a stroke or some other cardiovascular disease, but I'm trying to offset these potentially mortal effects of gluttonous eating by browsing through Google images of mountain bikes, one of which I vow to buy ( and ride, regularly, I hope) when I have the money.

For now, a quick glance at a chicken skin photo I took before I devoured the plate.

oozing with so much fat that it should be considered illegal

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  1. i have wondered if biking to school would be possible for me. i am also thinking of getting a bike but probably not a mountain bike. something with lower "seating" so that i'm not so crouched when i ride it. i wonder where good ones are sold locally.

  2. ako pod kat, I was looking at mountain bikes sa lee kanina... the one they had on display was worth 24k... made my jaw drop. pero naa rman daw cheaper. Maybe we can ask around the other bike shops if they offer affordable bikes. kay biking is really good exercise, and it tones up the legs and thighs and what-not :P

  3. btw, eating chicken skin always makes me feel guilty because i know i'm loading more cholesterol. :((

  4. Chimichanga.. drool.. chicken skin.. drool. My stomach seriously grumbled while I was reading this post. :|

  5. @zee: haha! yes maka gutom... I'm having hunger pangs pod. Pero I'm planning to lay off the chicken skin for a while, lisud na mag maintenance meds for high cholesterol! :P


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