Boracay Summerin'

By joselle - May 26, 2011

I last went to Boracay in 2008. It was my first time there, and I did not enjoy the place as much as I should have since I brought work along with me. This time, I planned on being work-free and to enjoy as much of the sand and sun as I can.

I planned on making my trip worthwhile by just bumming out. Yet, seems like an oxymoron, but being a beach bum is essentially why anyone would want to go to Boracay. The island is chock full of fun things to do like parasailing, surfing, and banana-boat rides, but since I was flat broke and only had enough moolah to pay for food and lodging, it was imperative that I stick to the beaches and enjoy the free sun as much as I can, with food trips in between, of course. :)

Luckily, it was JP's first time in Boracay, so he had no problem about the idea of just enjoying the sand and the water and leaving the more expensive rides alone. We did plan on trying out new food places though. We both love to eat, and Boracay is overflowing with top-notch restaurants that offer anything from traditonal Pinoy ( Andok's, anyone?), Italian, Japanese, Korean, and Greek, to name a few.

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