Jutz Cafe Dumaguete

By joselle - April 26, 2011

My last food trip in what is now Jutz Cafe was way back in 2008 (if I remember correctly). Back then, Jutz was known as Boston Cafe and sported an artsy, modern yet earthy vibe which one easily saw in the cool highback bamboo and plywood chairs that curved at the sides to envelop the sitter in a hard, brown cocoon. Two years and a name change later I was back, only to find out that the place still looked the same, save for a couple of wall hangings and new artwork here and there. I loved Boston Cafe for the paintings and photography that hung on the walls. The soft yellow lighting also made everything look warmer and cozier, and stepping inside, you unconsciously lower your voice... soft yellow lighting does that to you sometimes. A new addition that caught my eye was the photoboard right beside the door which holds dozens of black and white photos, and I was immediately reminded of my own photoboard project that has not yet seen the light of day.

cool photoboard

The menu remained the same. A glimpse of Forrester's pizza printed clearly on the menu instantly brought back memories of Saturday night dinners with high school friends spent chitchatting about boys, which eventually evolved into conversations about men and how the good ones were becoming increasingly harder and harder to find. I would always order Forrester's, since the olives that topped the cheese-covered crust looked so dangerous and foreign that I always, always had to try it, even though they tasted funny and left a nutty and tarty flavor in my mouth.

During this visit, however, I choose heavier fare, pork steak in a fancier name which I already forgot. They also had mashed potatoes, which I adore, so we ordered that too. I forgot what John ordered, except that it was chicken... oh well, I guess another trip to Jutz is in order just so I could get the names of the food straight. For what its worth my steak was really good, tender, soft, and the taste and smell of basil and other delightful herbs stuck to the deepest and last part of the meat. And for each meal going for a little over PHP 100, it was the perfect way to end the day.

pork steak well done with a side of greens and rice

mashed potatoes with gravy

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