Carmelle Amahit's Chocolate-Coffee Brownies!!!

By joselle - April 27, 2011

My younger sister really loves to bake and she makes the BEST brownies. She got the urge to bake today, fortunately for me ( I get to eat whatever she makes :D). She used up all the coffee in the process, so I think people are going to wake up cranky tomorrow. Small price to pay for such decadent treats, though. I love you, Carmelly-wely-wely man!

the brownie: a dry, sugary top that covers a moist, soft, fudgy center
every bite resonates with the rich flavor of chocolate and the warm, comforting aroma of coffee
Perfect end to a wonderful day.

Ice cream nalang ang kulang!!! :D

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  1. pictures look great and yummy. congrats to carmel. nice kaayo ug lighting selle :)

  2. Awesome photoblog! Your food shots look so good. I am drooling over those brownies. Lol :) Hope you don't mind me stopping by... :)

  3. @yes, yummy jud kat! i was worried kay ngitngit au among kitchen, thankfully ok ra ang gawas sa photo

    @zai: not at all!thanks for the compliment! I just discovered how to make photos bigger, so naenjoy ko pag post-post :D keep on droppin' by :D


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