Baby Baby Baby...back ribs...

By joselle - February 23, 2011

Baby back ribs. Even the words are enough to send your salivary glands into hyperdrive. I love ribs, especially ribs done right. Almost all the restaurants in Dumaguete serve their own versions of baby back ribs and although I've tasted most of them, it took me by surprise when I realized I have not tried Qyosko's.

I love Qyosko's for its hearty meals, the kind that you crave for when it's raining hard, the wind is cold and you want nothing more than to sit down to an overflowing plate of carbs. The sweet baby back ribs that Qyosko offers contains equal portions of protein and carbs, methinks, since the slice of pork held precariously in place by the lone cut of rib bone looks like it is worth way more than the 100+ PHP that you need to pay for it. Qyosko's is painfully unassuming-- you choose the ribs from the canteen-style display at the counter. But wait until they bring the plate to you, in a presentation that is worth a spread in some national foodie magazine, with the baby back ribs, glazed in some sort of sweet honey sauce ( really don't know what the sauce is made of, tsk tsk!) sitting on top of a perfectly-shaped cup of white rice, garnished with a few greens and two or three pieces of carrots for a bit of color contrast. (Nice, eh? Qyosko people really do know their food presentation.)

Photo courtesy of J.P. Yacapin

The first slice is pure heaven... the meat is buttery soft, and you can see miniature plumes of steam coming out from the sliced portions as you cut. They have mastered the art of softening pork so well that if you held up the entire rib with your fingers, the meat will effortlessly slide out and down on your plate. The only complaint that I have is that the sauce is a tad sweet...too sweet for my taste. However, a majority of people seem to like the sauce just fine, or else the baby back ribs wouldn't be among Qyosko's bestsellers.

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  1. thanks for this entry. i'm from Bais but have been away from the Phils for a lot of years. sometimes I think about retiring in Valencia.

  2. @elemental view: thanks! yes, Valencia is one of the best places to retire in the Philippines, I think :D


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