Recap 2010

By joselle - January 12, 2011

This really is overdue but recaps are a must. Twenty-ten has been an eventful year for me. A lot of things happened. I saw relationships whither and die, I bid goodbye to friends who sailed off to look for greener pastures, I reveled in the comfortable and easy accessibility offered by Facebook and Skype, I made promises, I broke a lot of them, forgot to have my dog taken for his rabies shots (my mom reminded me of the lapse last night), and I forged new friendships that I am really, really, hopeful about.

There is no forgetting 2010. I lost my two Lolas, who apparently deemed it fit that they should catch the bus ride to heaven at about the same time. I will always miss them. There are times when I wake up in the morning, and the thought of the two of them not being here anymore stabs at me in the heart. I have lost other people in the past, but losing your lolas is a different thing. Probably because they were there since I could talk or walk, and helped change my diapers and scolded me when I was being my little maldita self. Lola Bading was the one who held me after I almost got run over by a truck when I was about four, and I will always remember Lola Alao for her rice coffee, the way she would scold me for gyrating to the imaginary music in my head while eating, and for the way she would slip 100 peso bills in my hand without anyone noticing. Lola Alao died on September 25, and Lola Bading followed two months later.


On to more happy memories. This is the year when I actually felt the excitement for the season that I felt as a child and missed terribly when I grew older, the kind of anticipation for parties and evening services at church, seeing Christmas lights strung over my neighbor's houses and looking forward to evening trips to Bais, to see the large Christmas tree.

It officially started for me with the SULAW Party, which happened at Sir Mik's rest house. One word: FUN! I have always wanted to see my life progressing by a certain timeline, but I am thankful for this delay. Starting Law several years late has placed me in the company of the best group of people and friends, something that I probably would not have had I stayed true to the course and taken law at the 'right' age. Also had the yearly get-together with high school friends. The group is two babies bigger--after the addition of the husbands two years ago... how time flies.

photo courtesy of Juris Dokdok

photos courtesy of Darwiza

I also got to see the inside of the famed Absin Christmas house. Being a Dumaguete resident I have always wondered why it took me a long time to see the house, when it is always open during Christmas. I finally got to see the inside, and man! Eye candy everywhere you look. I like the Spanish architecture, the open air breakfast nooks and the quaint little courtyard, not to mention all the Christmas ornaments and old family memorabilia.

Also visited Le Chalet after two years for Christmas Day dinner with John, where I finally got to taste the tom yum soup that he was always talking about.

photo by John

John took time off from CDO to spend Christmas and New Year with me, and I'm glad he did. Nothing beats eleven days of forming the happiest memories of 2010 with the Patit-Master. :P Thank you, baby :)

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