Milestones: Babies

By joselle - January 28, 2011

About ten years ago, babies were the farthest from our minds. Ten years ago, we were marveling at how different college was from high school, reveling in the freedom of no longer having to wear the checkered red-and-white-skirts that we have worn every weekday for four years as we immersed ourselves in Felicity, Ally McBeal and Party of Five. Now, half of us are married, and babies make their grand entrances every few years or so. Time flies sooooo fast. And I feel soooooo old.

There are three babies, two toddlers, to be exact, and one newborn, Johan Bryle, a cute, pink, wrinkly addition to the group. I say group, because back then, coffee dates consisted of meeting up with the girls, most of them all dolled up and smelling good, and we would kill time by talking about boys. Ten years later, husbands are here, and babies, too. Johan is the newest addition, born on January 23, 2011 at SMC. Freslyn,Darwiza and I were pressing our ears against the doors of the labor and delivery room, hearing the voices of the doctors telling Serlyn to push... six pushes later there it was, the baby's cry.For someone who just got born he had a pair of pretty strong lungs in him, and he was crying even after he was placed in the nursery room. The proud uncles and aunts, the lolas, and of course, us, we huddled in front of the glass barrier that separated the newborns from the rest of the world, and we just gawked.

Welcome to the world, Baby Johan!

Now I'm wondering who the next baby momma's going to be...:)

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