Growing up

By joselle - July 30, 2010

There are many things that you realize as you grow up. The few years of adulthood that I've had so far have revealed a lot. I now know that not everyone is a friend, that not all people can be trusted, but the worst first impressions can also be so far from the truth and the people who irritate you the most can eventually become the people closest to you.

I learned that people you see as friends may not think the same of you, and that the trust you place on other people may not be the trust they deserve. So much for so-called friendships. I have been blessed with honest and long-lasting friendships that I would never, not in a million years, trade for the world. It is just sad to see so-called friendships uncovered for what they truly are.

I am also learning that being the age I am, reality begins to hit so much closer to home. I just learned that the mother of a friend from high school suffered from a second stroke last Thursday and she slipped into a coma. I've always had this fear of my parents meeting some unforeseen danger, and this one pretty much hits close to home. I could not begin to imagine what my friend is feeling right now, but all I know is that seeing someone you love, someone you have depended on for most of your life, in the brink of danger and even death, nothing could probably be more scarier than that.


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  1. Relationships are always tricky, but necessary. We love and trust because we have no choice. Nice post. :-)

  2. @fickle: yes, relationships are tricky. taking the risk is perhaps half of what makes most relationships exciting no?
    @phillip: good to see you here phillip! :)


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