Dal-uy 2010

By joselle - July 10, 2010

The Daly-uy Festival of Hope is a unique and very young festival that is held by Foundation University in Dumaguete City. In the past years the teachers and staff held this festival inside the university grounds. This year they held it for the second time along the shores of the Rizal Boulevard with the students participating.

Right after the sunset thousands of students placed their paper lanterns on the water. Each lantern came decorated with drawings of peace signs, hearts and logos of the various departments in the school, as well as scribbles of each student's hope for the future and well-wishes for friends and for family.

I had to go out of class and eventually skipped Legal Writing, which left a knot in my stomach. However, this was going to be a once-a-year thing, so my guilt over skipping class quickly dissipated, especially when I saw the water aglow with the lights of 4,000 candles.


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