Kabulakan 2010

By joselle - June 19, 2010

A short, albeit much delayed post on the Kabulakan that was. I always look forward to Dumaguete's festivals. The streets fill up with color and people flock to the sides of the streets , cramming tightly against each other to see the different contingents on their floats. The Kabulakan Festival happened on a Saturday and I was hunting for photos with CAM, my summer photography group led by Hersley ven Casero, one of the top photographers and artists in Dumaguete.

We waited for the parade to start at the Boulevard but 4 pm drew to a close and the streetdancers were nowhere to be found. So we decided to trek back to the public market, where Hersley said the street dancers were bound to pass first.

CAM waiting...waiting...waiting...

Finally! Dancers!

more dancing!

With the dancers moving forward every five minutes we had to weave in and out of the crowd. In the past I would have been so intimidated to move within the contingents but having seasoned photographers by my side seriously clicking away made me feel a bit bolder. I was there to take pictures, after all, even though it was all purely for fun.

Dumaguete photographers in action

We capped the day off with dinner at one of the CAM member's house, since it was also her birthday. All in all a good day for Kabulakan :)

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  1. hi Joselle...^_^ nice imong mga pics da... God Bless Always.

  2. thanks tope!don't worry ipa ilaila tka sa akong cousin haha :P


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