Dumaguete Sans Rival Cakes and Pastries

By joselle - January 24, 2010

My friends are pretty sick of me talking about how I love Sans Rival, the food place that is practically a Dumaguete landmark AND the cashew-nut and French buttercream delicacy. My friends and I have developed this weekly meeting thing, either at Mamia's or any other place. I suggested Sans Rival a few weeks ago, and although I've eaten there numerous times before, I've only gone to appreciate Sans Rival now. Blame it on watching Mamma Mia... the whitewashed walls of Sans Rival and its tile roof reminds me of Santorini. They also serve the best lasagna in town. I love eating there so much that I've invented my own "value meal"--a serving of lasagna, two pieces of silvanas and iced tea, for PHP 100, flat! Goodie!

Sans Rival Lasagna...drooling...

Silvanas (more drooling.)

I love the house specialty which is the Sans rival cake, but I get a reaction to nuts so I prefer the silvanas, round versions of Sans rival without the nuts.

Sans Rival interior. Check out the funky decor.

A shot outside.

I went to Sans Rival again with my friend Kat and took a few pics just so I could pepper my blog post with some Sans Rival color.

Sans Rival also serves a number of other delectable dishes, from lunch meals with salads to cakes, brownies and other sugary treats. Coupled with the ambiance, it is no wonder why this small slice of foodie paradise tucked right beside the Boulevard is a favorite of locals and tourists alike.

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  1. great review selle, and love the pictures! so inviting ang food. nice pud ang kuha sa imong camera phone.

    you're right about the texture of silvanas and santorini walls, they are so much alike.

  2. Thanks Kat. It feels goood when someone compliments my camera phone shots! Yay! hehe. I'm hungry napod.


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