Home Alone on New Year's Eve

By Anonymous - January 05, 2010

I know this post is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too late, but I just couldn't delete my draft of this post, knowing I'd enjoy reading it later on.

I spent the New Year alone, by myself amidst the bang of firecrackers and the sounds of parties from neighbors' houses. It did not seem like such a big deal when I made the decision to skip New Year's Eve with the family, since it rained the whole day and I did not feel like making the long, 2-hour trip from the city to my hometown. So in Dumaguete I remained, with the TV to keep me company as the clock slowly ticked and tocked it's way to the New Year. This was the first time that I'd be spending a major holiday alone, and so I was also curious as to what I'd feel. I was always a fan of being alone but during New Year's eve? This was going to be something new!

Fortunately, I met Aaron, a good friend of mine from church while I was at the sari-saro store to have phone credits loaded. Aaron is a fan of solitary walking (no idea why), and so we decided to walk our way to the boulevard in time to see the New Year's eve fireworks. Mind you, my house is not located smack in the middle of the city. Cabs often don't want to go to my place if the fare isn't doubled-- that's how far it is. However, I had nothing else to do, so I slipped into a jacket, grabbed my camera, and off we went.

The roads were wet and slippery and the air had a chill to it, so I was thankful I had my jacket with me. Aaron also had a thick coat on, which made his thin frame look larger than it actually was. I was kind of apprehensive since it was almost midnight and we could easily meet drunks along the way. Thankfully, we didn't meet any and with most houses still lit and filled with people all partying to greet the New Year, it was easy to feel safe.

The walk was loooong. I wanted to grab a map and trace our path, but I couldn't find one that satisfied me. I think it's safe to say that we walked from Motong to the Boulevard, going through Piapi and then through Tugas and Hibbard Avenue. To those who ply these roads day in and out, you will know that walking this far takes a lot of guts and pretty thick shoes! Aaron and I distracted ourselves by talking about the longest walks we've ever taken. Mine was back in high school,when I thought I forgot my cab fare and had to walk home from school, only to discover that I had 20 pesos in my pocket all along. Aaron had lots of memories of walking alone, to many to write down, LOL!

We didn't get to see the fireworks from the Boulevard, though. We could hear the pop of the fireworks from as far as Hibbard Avenue, but that was the extent of our fireworks watching for the night.

Our view of the fireworks from Hibbard Ave. near Coco Grande

No worries though. I got year-ender pictures of the Boulevard, just a few minutes before the clock struck twelve.

The Boulevard was quiet, with the rain and all. We remained in the Boulevard long enough to suck in the air for a minute or two then finally decided to call it a night. We caught a cab (my feet were screaming bloody murder from all the walking, so walking home was no longer an option) and headed for home.

I intended to spend New Year' s Eve alone, but apparently God had other plans for me. Could this be a sign of more surprises in 2010? Won't hurt to hope. ;)

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  1. uy, gapalihi ka ug lakaw for 2010? could that mean you would be travelling more this year? diba? just like wearing polka dots on new years day mean (believe) you would get more money! :)

  2. Hmmmm I like that thought kat! Too bad lang na akong first travel experience for this year wont be to HK with you and your sis :( Pero me likey that thought jud! :D

  3. ay, btw, just in case i end up re-scheduling the trip, hope mka kuyog ka.. if ever dili na sa april.. i'll let u know. :)


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