Dumaguete HW Team

By Anonymous - January 19, 2010

So much to do, so little time! I have so many posts swirling in my mind, all waiting to be written down, but for now, I'll take a minute to jot down what happened yesterday.

Have I ever mentioned how I love my job? Aside from being perfect for a homebody like me, it has been instrumental in my crossing paths with creative, dynamic and interesting women, and I finally got together with some of them yesterday. Fondly referred to as the Dumaguete HFW team, Lurchie, Joi, Chris and yours truly met for a caffeine-laced get-together at Cafe Antonio. Lurchie brought us the 2010 monocals courtesy of Maree and we had a jolly good time chatting away while we waited for my pasta Antonio to arrive (said pasta was ready by the time we were ready to leave, tsk tsk!). Cam-whoring also ensued-- we just couldn't let the moment pass without taking a picture of us together. Dumaguete Team, YAY!

Pictures can be found here,courtesy of Lurchie's El Cheapo. :)

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  1. interesting selle! and naa pa jud flyer, hehe :) ok kaayo bya freelance work. im thinking photography hopefully ours would get more exposure and we'd get more confidence.. :)

  2. by the way, this is off-topic.

    it's so weird, when i add your blog feed url to my list, and i click it, redirects me to "http://grissom.blog.friendster.com/wp-admin/"

    it happens all the time, i can't figure it out! lol. so i just bookmark ur site nalang, on my browser.

  3. Yeah, I'm really loving working freelance. My sentiments exactly about the photography thing, hopefully, dghan pa ta gigs. No worries, though, naa na ta sa age when people are starting to settle down en masse, haha! I know a couple of people getting hitched this year alone, hopefully if they read this they'll hire us haha! joke! But really knowing that people want us to take pictures of them is really a great motivator to learn and practice more.

    About the link thing, I don't know why that is happening. Cguro because a couple of years back I directed all my Blogger feeds to my friendster blog, cguro that's the reason? Pero I deleted my Friendster account na, so I don't know why it keeps happening still. Anyway, thanks for bookmarking my blog kat:)

  4. no problem. and, you know friendster, buggy as always. btw, you're on 300+ rank on topblogs. im somewhere below like 700, haha!

  5. See you on July when I visit Dumaguete! :)

  6. Cannot wait for July Maree! Naa daw lechon c lurchie! :D


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