Year-Ender Wish List

By Anonymous - December 28, 2009

I've never made a wish list before, but seeing all the fun my friends had making theirs, I figured I should do my own. Right now, there are only three four things that I would really love to receive as gifts ( but there's a really good chance that I'll end up buying them myself anyway):

--a pair of aviator shades (any brand will do), a great site for men, says that a pair of aviator shades is one of the essentials that any well-dressed man should have. I think that goes for ladies, too. Aviators are no-nonsense, heavy-duty eyewear that have none of the frilly silliness of other shades. I have been scouring the city for good pairs and brands. Right now I'm drooling over Mossimo and Sprinto aviators (Sprinto is an unknown Italian eyewear brand that have stylish aviator-style shades for less than PHP 1,000. But a pair of orig Ray Bans would really make my day :D

image from

--a digital point and shoot

a Canon Ixus or a Sony Cybershot will have me grinning from ear to ear. I love my Samsung camera phone, but it takes crappy nighttime pictures

image from

--external memory for all my photos and work documents

I'm kind of OC about keeping useless and unsorted photos in my laptop. Would love to have a place to dump everything in and sort them out when I have the time

photo from

--Photo Idea Index by Jim Krause

I like this book I saw on National bookstore. Not really designed like your typical book, it is easy to flip through when you need quick inspiration for photos

So there, aside from an end to world hunger, the death of techno, AND world peace (of course), these are the stuff that will take me a notch higher up the happy scale as the year ends.

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  1. love those sunglasses. the mossimo ones only less than a grand? where is it sold?

    btw, didn't i see u with a point and shoot last time we shot the Buglasan street parade?

  2. Nope, Sprinto ang naay less than 1k Kat. The Mossimo one that I like costs more than 1k, methinks :)

    Yeah, you did, kat.Someone gave it to me, same model as in the picture, pero principle dictated that I should give it back, hehe. Looong, sad story:(


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