Out with the Old...

By Anonymous - December 01, 2009

Finally, I have decided to take the last step.

There are difficult people in our lives that we cannot help but love. And even if they have shown time and time again how rotten they can be towards us, the feeling lingers. You manage to break away and you hope you can stay friends, but even friendly conversations turn sour. It could be your fault, it could be the other person's fault--- it doesn't matter, things are no longer what they were before. Sad to say, all things have an ending, even friendships. Or perhaps, they just needed to be punctuated, for the time being, so as not to fray the edges some more, to prevent the fragile thread that's keeping you connected from breaking.

It's sad. The impending withdrawal, tastes of which I've had for the past week, feels more solid now, like it is finally here to stay. This is the shot that I've been dreading, but I have to endure the pain, knowing that no matter how it may hurt, at least it won't hurt forever.

It's a new day, and although I have no idea what lies ahead, I'll rest in the knowledge that its going to be better than yesterday.

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  1. Life is a journey ... live it to the fullest althought the obstacles seems almost impossible .. cheers

  2. I truly a agree. Living life to the fullest is the only way to not look at life with any regrets when its time to go.


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