Moon Cafe, Robinson's Dumaguete

By Anonymous - December 28, 2009

Spent the better part of the afternoon of December 27 with Freslyn, a good friend of mine from high school at Moon Cafe in Robinson's, Dumaguete's newest and only mall. The decor is wonderful, colorful and Mexican to the core, with funky rounded ceiling fans, just like the ones at Moon Cafe in Cebu's IT Park, and orange, yellow and green walls with colorful clay jars perched on the walls. There was also a quaint little tile fountain with a white sun spewing water from its mouth near the table where we sat.

Moon Cafe interiors

Moon Cafe decor

And of course, there was the food. Moon Cafe serves excellent Mexican but they have pizza, too. Freslyn ordered pizza while I tried the chimichanga. The pizza was good, cheesy and crispy at the edges, but the chimichanga left much to be desired. The beef was grainy, sort of like the ones that come in cans. The shell was also a bit oily for my taste, and I got none of the vegetables that I was looking for. Compared to the chimichangas in Memento, I definitely like Memento's better. The service was very good, though. The staff works fast. We got served with the bill the moment we sat down. It was an honest mistake, and the waiter looked a bit sheepish after we told him we haven't even ordered yet. We got a good laugh out of it. Service is THAT fast.

It can get a bit sunny in the afternoons especially with the huge floor-to-ceiling windows and the lack of blinds. I think more people like to come in the evenings because it is cooler.

Despite the fact that I did not make friends with the Moon Cafe chimichanga, I'll definitely be back to try the other dishes.

For another review of Moon Cafe and more mouth-watering photos, check out Kat's review ;)

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  1. i actually like your shot of the interior with all that sun coming in. it adds more to that mexican feeling. i always think of mexico as a very warm place, and i like it.

    i'll ad a link to your review to the one i posted. :)

  2. Thanks kat, yeah, it def. was sunny when we were there. Will link back too :)

  3. thanks for droppin by my blog site. i've always wanted to visit dumaguete but never had the chance. nice photos you've got here..:)

  4. @jessforget: You are welcome! You should come visit Dumaguete. Lots of things to see here :)

  5. yes i will! tour mo ko hahaha...

  6. Sure why not! As long as you feed me I can tour you around the city, no charge! hahaha!

  7. ahaha.. basta barato lang hahah

  8. Nice pics and I have also been there it was a nice place

  9. I reposted this little snippet:"a quaint little tile fountain with a white sun spewing water from its mouth". Perhaps I can interest you to rate and comment Moon Cafe?

    Much thanks!

    -- Coconut Insider


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