Lami Gyud ang Neva's Pizza!

By Anonymous - December 04, 2009

I have been eating Neva's cheap pizza for three straight days, so I thought that it is only fitting that I blog about it. When it comes to food, nothing beats something that's cheap YET very tasty, overflowing with cheese, slices of bell pepper and mushrooms, pepperoni or beef slices, and piping hot from a traditional 'pugon' oven.

pizza makers in front of the wood-fired brick oven

Neva's Pizza calls itself 'The Home of the Kuripot Pizza' and for a good reason-- their pizzas come in two kinds, the 'Kuripot' which means 'cheap' in Visayan, and the 'Special.' The Kuripot pizzas are topped with cheddar cheese while the more expensive pizzas are topped with mozzarella. However, both are tasty, calorie-laden treats that will make you wish pizza was the Philippine national dish (wait, what EXACTLY is the national dish of the Philippines???)

Anyway, back to Neva's Pizza. They're actually called Neva's Pizza ATBP (see pic below) because aside from pizzas they also offer pasta, chicken, burgers, and other mouth-watering edibles. Keep in mind though, that if you are looking for gourmet or imported pizza you will have to look somewhere else. Neva's Pizza offers their variation of the Italian treat to satisfy the Dumagueteno palate, not to mention the Dumagueteno pitaka. Nothin' fancy or ridiculously pricey here! In fact, 100 pesos can get you one whole Kuripot pizza with enough change for a glass of iced tea!

The Sign (can't miss it!)

Yesterday and the day before that, I had one of my all-time favorites: the Kuripot beef and mushroon, which, at a measly 106 pesos is really a treat that you won't feel guilty about. Today it was the Kuripot Hungarian, equally tasty, especially since the slices of Hungarian sausage were a little bit crispy at the edges.

For some reason I like the Kuripot variations better. There's something about the cheddar cheese that makes the pizza extra tasty.

Neva's Pizza sits right along Hibbard Avenue, next to a convenience store beside the road. They also deliver for free to any location within Dumaguete. You will find another interesting post about Neva's Pizza here.

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  1. Joselle,

    thanks for your comment on my little crazy blog. I could not agree more about Nevas. I order at least twice a week and the delivery is fast about 30 minutes. Only can recommend this place (and that as a long-nose)

    cheers from Batinguel


  2. haha! i don't think there's one particular "national dish" for Filipinos.

    Tasted kuripot pizza years ago. I kinda thought medyo nipis ra ang crust but it tasted like pizza nevertheless. i hope they set up a branch somewhere near downtown kay medyo layo ra man gud sa city.

  3. Well, what can I say? The best affordable pizza in Dumaguete!


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