By Anonymous - December 17, 2009

It has been a really busy couple of weeks for me, all hunkered down in front of my lappy for several days straight. I honestly think I need glasses because my eyes get tired a lot earlier these days. Its either I'm on my way to my very first pair of prescription glasses or I need those anti-glare glasses that you use to prevent eyestrain from too much computer work (more on that on my wishlist later. :D) I took a few minutes to jot down things that happened all around me for the past couple of unblogged weeks.

Improvements on my header!

Poor old blog has had to deal with a distorted header pic for a few weeks. I was looking at online tutorials on how to fix header pics and how to resize photos, but it was just all too much for my tired, shrunken brain and I gave up. It was a good thing that Kat, a friend of mine who's a whiz at graphic design saw my distorted header and volunteered to fix it for me. Now my header pic looks much better, with the little yellow leaf no longer looking like it needs an emergency liposuction. Thanks, Kat!

My header before...

New and improved header!

Got myself a drybox...NOT!

I finally bought a plastic case to store my camera gear in (not that I have a lot of photography gear) but my small camera bag just wouldn't do. Its not a Lock and Lock, unfortunately, and I really do not think it is airtight (which homemade dryboxes should be). Lock and Lock is the brand that most photogs recommend if you want a DIY drybox but I saw this one at Robinsons and it was cheap so I got it... I just hope they stock up on Lock and Lock boxes this big soon. I just threw my camera in there along with some silica gel packets and I hope it holds up through the rainy and humid weather. I should probably buy a hygrometer to see if the box is airtight or not...

I'm also rediscovering the photographic prowess of my dear old Samsung D900i.

I love Samsung. I promised myself that with the popularity of Nokia I will tread on the path less taken and support Samsung all the way, and so far it has not disappointed. Want proof? Have a look-see...

A photo of the track inside the Perdices Coliseum

Closest to a macro that my D900i can get

Finally, I've also become a full-pledged insomniac. It's almost 3 in the morning and yet here I am blogging away...tsk tsk.

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  1. you're welcome selle! oh, one more suggestion... if you try changing the color of your blog title and description text to white, it would look more readable. but of course, if you want black, it's ok ra pud. :)

    regarding the lock and lock thing, excuse my ignorance but karon pa kog ingani.. how's it used? isulod sa bag or you just carry it or something?

    btw, your samsung shots look great, it's got some good depth of field for a digicam. hope i could also shoot in the perdices coliseum one of these days.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion kat... hmm cguro ako ra dgay padak-an ang font sa title description no? About the Lock and Lock, its a brand of plastic containers like Tupperware, pero they are bigger and most are transparent and airtight, good for storing your camera and other gear.Mahal man gud ang tinuod nga drybox hehe.
    Thanks for the compliment on my Samsung pics haha! I actually took them with my phone, since wala na ko point-and-shoot hehe. I've discovered na if you lose something the best thing you can do is appreciate the things you do have, and for me, that's the camera on my phone, haha. Emote na pod ko hehe

  3. i am hoping to buy something improvised like this as a drybox. karon ra ko ani. I don't have cleaning kit gani, but i try to wipe my cam from time to time. he silicon gel, where did you get them?

  4. You can get silicon gel packets from Handyman kat. I think my sis got this from Handyman Cebu, pero naa pod dgay sa Robinsons :)


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