Raisin Crumb Cake

My sister likes to bake, which is perfect for me since I like to eat. The other day it was raisin crumb cake, a concoction of raisins, vanilla, sour cream and a crusty topping made of cinnamon, sugar, flour and butter. The cake is perfect when warm, with a scoop of ice cream or all purpose cream on the side. YUM! I hope she feels like baking again tomorrow :D

Raisin crumb cake
with a scoop of Selecta's Vanilla Macaroon ice cream

Raisin crumb cake topped with cream


j3r1030 said...

who bake this one? can i have her name? hehe

JoSeLLE said...

Haha, I can't give out names I'll tell you later ;) And no, you can't have her number haha. Protective ang magulang ani oi!

Anonymous said...


JoSeLLE said...

haha too bad orvs, you are a day too late! We finished it all last night hehe! Next time I'll give you a heads up haha :)


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