New Header for my Blog!

By Anonymous - November 28, 2009

I finally got around to making a header for my blog. I used a picture I took of a fallen leaf in Siquijor... it was the closest thing I could think of that can be linked to a Post-It... the leaf is yellow, and Post-Its are yellow (DUH!)

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  1. nice selle.. but you may have to crop it to the size of the header sa page, kay na distort sya...

  2. Btaw kat, I was watching a Youtube video on how to fix that pero I didn't get it the first time, so I'm going to have to watch it again hehe.

  3. i can fix it for you if you want. :)

  4. Really kat? That would really be great kat kay I've tried to fix it myself a few times pero it didn't work! How will you do it man? Can you message me on YM kung unsaun? :D Thanks au kat really appreciate this!

  5. will pm you if i see u online :) no problem. always glad to help.


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