Milestones: Cooking in Dumaguete

By JoSeLLE - November 02, 2009

Living in Dumaguete City makes cooking just an option, with all the cheap food places around. Most of the eateries and restaurants are pretty cheap by big city standards. Dumaguete is a university town ,after all, so most establishments tailor their services according to what struggling and hungry students can afford. It is no surprise then that I do not know how to cook, save for the basic poached or fried egg and all its variations.

Anything that can be fried I can cook, but there are times when the whole exercise ends up looking like a skirmish with cooking utensils, with me using the pan cover as a shield as I try to protect myself from flying droplets of cooking oil. It was indeed a milestone of sorts when I managed to cook fried pork ribs coated with an egg and flour mixture... your typical fried chicken save for the fact that this was pork. It was just like cooking anything other type of raw food with oil, but this did not involve eggs, hence the incredible sense of achievement (I happen to know that cooking with pork can be really tricky).

Plus, I did not forget to sprinkle a little bit of salt, which I tend to do with food that aren't eggs.

I promised a friend I'd post the fruits of my labor.

Doesn't look like much now, but it sure tasted pretty good!

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  1. I'd really love to see Dumaguete. I've heard a lot of good things about the place, the people, and the food.

  2. You should russ. The food here is cheap, but very good!


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