An Apology

By JoSeLLE - November 20, 2009

Just arrived from a day trip to that small little island across the strait (will blog about that later) and on the way home I came across a person I know of, not know, and I think I owe her an apology. See, I have this annoying habit of noticing the slightest errors in grammar and pronunciation that I come across on a day to day basis, despite the fact that with my job I churn out a number of grammatical errors on a day to day basis as well (note:I try to keep the number of said errors to a minimum, or else I will lose my job). This person gained instant recognition when she won a local beauty contest, but that is the extent of the information I have on her. I don't have anything against the individual personally, but I suffered a momentary lapse of judgment when as we were about to disembark from the Delta Fastcraft, I heard someone say something about 'fetch' but pronouncing it as 'fitch.' My friend who was walking ahead of me immediately did a double take on me, her eyes wide. She heard it too. We laughed about it, out loud, unfortunately. If some people heard us making fun, I was really sorry.

The person is the mother of a cute little boy, and I cannot imagine how I'd feel if I heard someone making fun about anything my own mother says or does. I know I shouldn't have said what I said out loud. I know I am entitled to my own opinions but when things are said out loud, there's often no way to get them back. Knowing my own opinions and keeping them to myself is very different from making fun of people's flaws within earshot of other people. I was truly embarrassed by my actions today, and although no one has called me on it, I am calling myself out for stooping so low.

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