First Model Photoshoot with Dumaguete Flickr Group

By JoSeLLE - October 17, 2009

I had the best of luck to join my very first model Shoot/EB with the Dumaguete Flickr group sometime back in September. There I met Dumaguete photo bigwigs like Sir Phil Calumpang, Dr. Robert Tan, multi-awarded photog Hersley Ven Casero and his other half, Alma Zosan Alcoran, Aye Gapasin, Luigi Anton Borromeo and his girlfriend Michelle, among other friends, both old and new. The shoot was held at the ACSAT grounds, first at the small forested area behind the school and then on the stairs that led to the ASCAT lobby.
Felt so out of my element at first, since I arrived late and I had no idea how to work my camera. Fortunately, everyone was handing out tips and they were kind enough to let the newbies and first-timers try their hand at strobe photography, which turned out to be quite addicting, as Sir Phil had warned.

Outdoors... my first strobe shot.

Sir Phil doing his thing.

With the recent creation of SNAP (Sidlakang Negros Association of Photographers) which was timed to coincide with the opening of the Buglasan 2009 Festival and the group's first exhibit, here's to hoping for more creative photographic outputs from these guys!

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  1. Cool! How come we never had this during my time there?

  2. Photography groups are fairly new in Dumaguete, as far as I know. :) The official swearing in of officers was done just a few days ago, so ingun ana xa kabag-o pa hehe. Cguro no one thought of forming an official group during your time sir. Pero I know dghan pod photography enthusiasts back then :D

  3. wow selle!! ngilngig au ka!! hehe suya ko da.. i wish i could take pictures like you! :)

  4. Lurch first time pa pod ni nako, murag out of place pa kaau ko dre kay puro na mangtas akong mga kuyog.Pero they were kind enough to make us feel welcome and even allowed us to try strobe shooting.Nice jud! Kuyog napod unya ta next time naa napod meeting ang Dumguete Flickr group:)


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