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By JoSeLLE - October 24, 2009

I've always had this love affair with siomai, but it has been ages since I've eaten some. Twenty-two mouthwatering pieces--- that's my personal record. So when my friend Cris called to say she had ordered 25 pieces from Manang Gloria (best siomai maker IN DA WORLD!) and would I care to eat along, I jumped at the chance. We ate the siomai at the side of Luce Auditorium under the acacia trees, listening to Jennifer Paige from Cris' car while watching two high school sweethearts giggle quietly a few feet from us. Coupled with Royal Tru Orange, my favorite drink to go along with siomai, the eating session was probably one of the best I've had in months. Of course, we had gotten older, so we couldn't gulp down 22 pieces of the porky treat just as easily as we did a few years back. Now, ten pieces along and we were huffing and puffing. We managed to eat everything just the same. You cannot order siomai and have anything left over. It simply does not happen.

Siomaaaaaaiiiii! Flanked by two cans of soda and Manang G's special sauce.

Siomai eaters.

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  1. selle, where is Manang G located? i must taste the siomai she's selling!

  2. Hi Kat, the house is at Lower Luke Wright, just near the bridge... tapad atong gamay nga beauty salon :) When you reach Lower Luke Wright, I think pwede pod ka ka ask for the house where siomai is sold. I'm sure someone can point you to where she lives from there :) Try jud kat, hehe


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