Animal Justice

By JoSeLLE - October 28, 2009

I was Googling about dogs and teary, swollen eyes when I came across a news article about a burned dog who was getting the chance to see his torturers in court. His name is Mambo, a brown mixed breed dog who got lost and was eventually found by a young woman and her male friend. But instead of getting Mambo back to his owners, the young woman held Mambo down while the guy poured gasoline over the poor pooch before setting him alight. Thankfully, good Samaritans were able to take him to the hospital and since then he has been under the care of the Society for the Protection of Animals while his tormentors awaited trial.

Meet Mambo. *(photo courtesy of http://www.pajamadeen.com)

It makes me happy to think that there are countries like the UK (where this happened) that takes its animal cruelty laws seriously and that people there do not think twice about sending animal torturers to jail. Section 6 of Republic Act 8485 is the law against animal cruelty here in the Philippines and I know of some groups like PAWS who have used this law to bring animal torturers to justice. But we are so behind when it comes to reporting these cases, partially because most Pinoys think that it's ok to hurt animals, or because reporting crimes like these takes too much time on our part. The worst part is most Pinoys don't even know that there is a law against animal cruelty and they don't know who to call when they want to report this crime ASAP ( the number is 117, same for other crimes). In some cases, even the police don't think it's such a big deal that they halfheartedly respond to calls or don't respond at all.

Dogs and other animals like Mambo are tortured and even eaten in the Philippines everyday and rarely do they make the news. It's time we all learn to see animal cruelty as something as offensive and as inhumane as domestic violence or homicide, because in truth, it is.

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