Cafe Memento, Dumaguete City

By JoSeLLE - August 24, 2009

Last month I spent a considerable amount of time at Cafe Memento, the quaint little cafe near the Boulevard entrance facing Silliman Alumni Hall. Half of the roads were under construction then, which meant that patrons had to go there on foot. Only a few people were there, considerably fewer than usual because of the bad roads, which was perfect for me since I am not a fan of crowds, especially the smoking, drinking Bohemian types that the cafe is known for.

The cafe is owned by a local artist, which explains the paintings and framed drawings on the wall. Aside from the Mexican food on the menu, the cafe also serves really good coffee.

Cafe Memento

I got a taste for the Memento quesadillas ('little cheesy thing' in Spanish) my first time there, which was a delightful surprise since I've been having this little love affair with the Mexican snack. At 25 pesos per plate and with a delicious sour cream dip on the side, the quesadillas were a real treat. Pair that with a 25-peso glass of cold iced tea and you're good to go. I chose the ham and cheese quesadillas, but tuna and chicken were also on the menu. To my chagrin only the ham and cheese was available. I guess they stopped serving tuna and chicken a long time ago. Still, the quesadillas were pretty good. The tortillas were crisp and warm and the melted cheese inside was pure heaven.

Memento quesadilllas. YUM!

Memento is also famous for its burritos, which are packed full of onions, tomatoes, cheese and pre-cooked ground beef, all wrapped in a tortilla which is then baked. After eating one of these babies you can expect the smell of onions to stay with you until you go to bed. The burrito is also topped with melted grated cheese.

The burrito...or is this the chimichanga?

What I like about Memento is that they don't scrimp on the cheese, on the onions, or any other thing on the menu. The iced tea tasted a little flat, but aside from that, Memento food is ok. I tried the chimichanga, too, although the only difference between that and the burrito is that the former comes wrapped in a fried tortilla shell while the burrito is baked. The chimichanga was equally deliscious and just as cheesy.

For cheap but tasty Mexican food, Cafe Memento is definitely one of the best places to go to in Dumaguete.

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  1. I think that's chimichangga. but im not sure.. its been AGES since i ate there.. or even sat there. LOL

    i kinda stay away from the joint on regular days coz it gets crowded sometimes noh? maybe we should set up shop something like that..but bigger, plus plus.. nice iced tea! jk

  2. Yeah I think my Memento-going days will become a thing of the past once the roads near there are completed. Yeah, something like that pero bigger would be nice... tapos naay smoking and non-smoking sections ehehe. The art in Memento is nice pod. It just needs to be cleaned up once in a while, methinks :)

  3. ciao! Yoi're from Dumaguete d i...WOW! I miss dumaguete jud!

    BTW, I have plans in making a blogger society sa Dumaguete. Ar you interested...?

    Please tell your blogger friends as well...see you

  4. Hello rabsin :) karon pa nako nakitan ni nga comment. need to edit comment moderation na jud! yep, very interested in a blogger society for Dumaguete! nice na! I heard naa na active society of bloggers sa Bacolod, its time that Duma follows suit!


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