An Attempt at a Pear

By JoSeLLE - August 29, 2009

I've always enjoyed browsing through the works of various artists over at Inspire Me Thursday and Illustration Friday but didn't think I could find time to work on anything and finish it before the next topic for the next week began. But the thought of suffering through a lazy Saturday night prompted me to get my acrylics and start drawing...the topic for IMT was about pears, so I did my best to come up with something that resembled a fruit that was pear-shaped and here's the result.

Pear. Acrylic and ink on 9"x12" paper

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  1. Hi Joselle.Ü
    I have a question. Each time I put your link in my blog list, I am always being directed to another site. It's really weird. I'm not sure if you can help me with this, but this happens to your blog.Ö

  2. oh wow!!! this is lovely....I love the colours!! great pear!

  3. @russ: Hi! Thanks for telling me about this.This is the first time I've heard of it, I hope the few others who are following me are not having the same problem :( I'm doing a bit of research right now on why this is happening. Hope it's nothing serious! :s

  4. *@Diana Evans

    Thanks for the comment Diana! I enjoyed looking at your works as well! :)

  5. A poet's View of your pear:

    It seems you were confused of what exactly you want for your "pear." Look at the stem, the color tells us so. If I have to scan this from the stem down, this would tell me: Hatred and anger brought you to this kind of pear. You had some happy moments,a lot of fun, but they were short. Sometimes your happy days were not that complete (wavy stroke on green color), but you were happy. And then came a day of hatred and anger and they were heavy (black dots) and strong and your happiness was surpressed, and you were desperate. But still you tried to recall your happy days, yet they were set aside slowly and slowly because of too much anger and hatred. 'till the day of sorrow, of despair and of sadness came. Some short happy days tried to visit you but they were supressed by doubts (purple).

    When I surveyed this from the bottom towards the stem, it showed this: Sadness, sorrow, despair were fencing you in. You were trying to find some happiness but your were in doubt. In doubt that a happy day could be temporary and you want happiness to be forever. But lovely days couldn't be stopped (yellow)to remind you that you were once a happy person, that happiness is a choice. Yet things in the past kept reminding you of your hatred trying to evade your thoughts of the happy days. But at the end, you chose to be happy. You are happy but confused.

  6. I think it's lovely - it looks almost quilted


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