Bing...the new Google?

By JoSeLLE - July 30, 2009

Apparently not. I first read about Bing today while browsing blogs for work. Bing is the new Microsoft search engine which came at the heels of its less successful sisters MSN Search and Windows Livesearch. Techie bloggers already think Bing is old news, but I'm no techie and as far as I know its still on the Beta stage, which means its not as stale as people may think. I was just surprised that with all the time I spent online, I have not come across Bing. It's probably because I get my news from Yahoo and Google is my prefered search engine. I tried it though (, binged my name), and I think I like Google's results better.

For all its worth, Bing is pretty.

One interesting thing some bloggers like to point out: if Bing ever hits it big, we might start using it the way we use Google as a verb (as in, "I Googled you yesterday!") but it will be more like--" I Banged you yesterday"..doesn't quite have that ring to it, does it?

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  1. LMAO
    "I banged you yesterday.." =))

    sorry.. LOL ROFLMAO

  2. haha! funny! but i would probably say "i binged you yesterday.

    maybe gramatically wrong but they would most likely retain the name BING so people can recognize it.


    And the images are great but i wonder why they don't label it somewhere in the page. i find myself wondering where these great photos were shot.

  3. @ lurchie: and unsa results lurch? hope naa haha I'm not that visible in the online world, sad to say.

    @kat: "Binged"reminds me of Chandler from Friends. I tried Bing and it wasn't that good. Pero i'm used to Google na so I guess there's a little bit of bias.

    And I think I saw people doing the thing in the picture in an episode of The Amazing RAce shot somewhere in Holland or Denmark...I'm not sure bsta dhang lugara :)

  4. I hadn't heard of Bing until I read your, consider yourself ahead of the curve.
    I had to give the search engine a try because one of my wife's dearest friends is nicknamed "Bing"......knowing her, she will probably use it regularly.

  5. nothing beats Google for now :-)

  6. @Robert: Haha, yeah Bing is a pretty common name. I wonder why they chose it? It just reminds me of Chandler Bing from FRIENDS :)

    @Orville: Korek! Google is da beeest!


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