Highway10, Dumaguete City

By JoSeLLE - February 13, 2009

January 4 when I went to Bindoy and surprises of surprises I found my cousin home, all the way from the deserts of Dubai. I freaked out, she grinned, pleased with herself. We went to Dumaguete ( I had to go home the same day) and headed to Highway 10 for dinner. It was my first time there, and I was actually disappointed by the small tables.

The pizza was small... we ate 6 plates, I think. The chicken was good, though, but the iced tea tasted a little weird. One glass tasted like Lipton, while another glass would taste like Nestea...we speculated that they ran out of one brand and had to go buy another pack of iced tea...too bad for them, we drank iced tea like thirsty camels.

There was a guy playing the harp in a corner...it was the most odd thing, seeing someone playing the harp in a fast food place.

One interesting piece of trivia:Highway 10 is where you'll find the first traffic light in the city. Yep, as crazy as it sounds, the only traffic light in the city is located in a fastfood place. Head to the Highway 10 website here.

The man with the harp

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