New American President, New Yahoo! Lay-out

By JoSeLLE - November 05, 2008

It's official, Senator Obama is the next American president! It felt good knowing that he won, since I had named my dog after him. McCain delivered a very gracious concession speech, though, and although the guy may never have another chance at running for that office anytime soon (he's too old), a lot of Americans (and non-Americans) have come to respect and love him for what he stood for. Pundits have been saying that McCain veered off course during the campaign which is one of the reasons why he lost this election. That may be true, but listening to his speech today, in which he praised Obama as a worthy opponent and someone who is deserving of the nation's respect and support, it is clear that the old McCain is back.
And oh, Yahoo! has a new lay-out. Did not suit me on several occasions. I got lost trying to locate the Sign-in button. I wonder if they made the switch to coincide with the announcement of the new American president. Hmmm.

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  1. in less than a week, the next messiah will have the reigns of power and control the fate of the most powerful country on Earth.

    with the global economy tottering on the brink, i truly hope he'll lead the way towards the light...

    and not turn out to be worse than the supposedly "worst president in US history".

  2. @the observer
    hmm. here's hoping. It seems like obama is working pretty hard to turn the recession around.


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