What I Got from Evan Almighty

By JoSeLLE - September 12, 2008

Just finished watching Evan Almighty , and the fact that it hasn’t even hit theaters in the Philippines did not deter me one bit, probably because I let go of my conscience the moment i saw Steve Carell do one of his hilarious moves. The movie has some of its poorly done parts, and i say some, because although it looks so ridiculously cheap (i heard that it took a lot of money to make this movie, only for it to come out looking like a cut out of “Shrek”)Morgan Freeman was as dignified as ever, gotta give him that.The part when the ark was plowing its way to the Capitol…it made me sad…the CGI was unmistakable, and i felt sorry for the actors who had to pretend that they were holding on for dear life for a full five minutes.

But the movie, no matter how CG- ish (near the end- can’t seem to let go of that. Come to think of it, the directors could not have filmed the movie in any other way without risking the lives of all the actors in it. I just wish the CG effects were done better).

The message was clear though. Faith, pushing through and doing what is right, no matter how crazy it might seem to you and to others. I can only imagine the things going through Evan Baxter’s mind as he fought to keep his old comfortable life, as he fought GOd…as he faced the inevitable disbelief, ridicule, and endless taunting of his peers…

Ok, back to saving grace. No matter how redundant the message is, it is still true. Wish i had a clip of Mr. freeman saying his bit, but I don’t.

How do we exactly change the world? Sometimes it IS so difficult and it often leaves us to that point where we feel completely helpless when we think of the state of the world. Global warming? The melting icecaps, crime, hunger…it all seems so overwhelming. And the solution may seem so out of touch, at first glance but in reality, it IS the best thing we can do. one ARK at a time: one Act of Random Kindness at a time. Good advice, no? The person who needs a piece of paper, or that patient who simply needs someone to sit beside him, that classmate who needs to be informed about the next exam date, the sister who needs a ride to school (LOL!). One thing this movie did for me is that it reminded me that I may not be capable of doing extraordinary things, but I can be kind.
No need to look beyond the borders, beyond this little island. We can do our bit of world-changing here.

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